Tecan Introspect

Animation showing the benefits of Tecan’s lab software

Tecan is a global company with Swiss company with sites and partners all around the world They are the global leader in laboratory automation solutions for a wide range of applications, including life sciences and biotechnology.

The Introspect was the first animation we’ve made for Tecan and it was the beginning of on-going fruitful cooperation. So far we’ve produced more than a dozen animated videos, graphics and illustrations for the group.


We wanted to achieve a modern and dynamic style. We’ve chosen a 2D flat vector style with a touch of handpainted textures for a more unique look. We’ve combined minimalistic bright backgrounds with colorful dominant elements based on Tecan’s brand colors.

We’ve also managed to incorporate Tecan’s brand ‘barcode’ as visual accents to build a strong connection to the brand.

The video has set the style for most of the videos and graphic content that followed.


You are a lab manager, you are responsible for the instruments in your lab and sometimes for instruments in other locations, too. How do you keep track of everything? Do you know when each device is used, and for which application? Do you know when to order new tips? How many?

Tecan’s Introspect Software helps you keep track of everything that’s happening in your lab. It gathers direct information on instrument use, tip consumption, even run-time errors and more… in one place, using encryption to send and store this utilization information, so you can securely access your data from anywhere in the world and use that data to shape the future by making the most informed decisions possible.