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Why do you need a video?

Are you managing a biotech or life science startup?

In your daily work, you need to inspire investors and partners, who can help fund, support, and implement your work. You also want to educate your patients or general public.

Unfortunately, they often don’t have time to read through your website or lengthy PowerPoint presentations. Or they simply do not have enough specific knowledge to understand your technology and the Mechanism of Action of your drug…

That’s how you risk that your good ideas don’t get heard, and you lose the chance to gain support and improve patients’ lives.

Our science animation will help you!

An animated video helps explain your science easily and sparks interest among investors, partners, patients, and the public.

Our team of medical writers will extract the essence of your technology and turn it into a compelling story. Our scientific illustrators and animators will turn the story into beautiful moving images. And this just in 8 weeks!

As we hardly have any overhead cost, we can offer our services at an unbeatable price.

You can show your animation on your website, on a conference or during a presentation. You can also email it to potential partners and investors to stand out from the crowd of other biotech companies.

Get the attention your technology deserves!