Tecan – D300e Digital Dispenser

Tecan – lab animation showing an automated pipetting solution

Tecan, one of the biggest producers of laboratory instruments from Switzerland asked us to create an animation explaining the main benefits of its automated pipetting instrument.

We’ve managed to squeeze the story into a 60-second animated video, which is always a challenge.



We’ve created a fun-looking 2D character going through the pain of manual pipetting, which is time-consuming, tiring and can also be inefficient (losing sample). 2D animation allows for the exaggeration of poses or facial expressions, which always helps grasp the message quickly.

The animation of the lab instrument focuses on its benefits, instead of technical details.



We’re planning to publish many other animations we’ve produced for Tecan presenting their many other instruments¬† soon, as well as a fun video celebrating Tecan’s 40th birthday this year.

Check out our Tecan Introspect animation, presenting a lab management solution.