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Safe-Decon: Animated Explainer Video

With the current COVID-19 pandemic, safety when dealing with infectious and bio-hazardous waste is more important than ever.

We know now that the spread of this virus happens not only through direct contact with the sick person but also through the handling of the infected material (e.g. the patient’s clothes, bedsheets, or objects around them).

New dangerous epidemics are more than likely to happen again in the near future  – both viral, like the coronavirus epidemic the world is just experiencing,  as well as bacterial, resulting from the problem of growing antibiotic resistance.

That’s why we’re glad to see that innovative solutions such as the Safe-Decon’s technology, are becoming available and that we could produce this animated video, explaining the benefits of the technology.



Explainer videos work perfectly in a typical 2D style, especially when showing characters and their emotions. The second part of the video focuses more on the technical aspects of the technology and 2D style allows for presenting the key technical features without overwhelming the viewer with too much information.



Worldwide, billions of tons of infectious waste is created every year. With the recent Ebola outbreaks and Covid-19 pandemic, any material that is near a patient is considered infectious.

Currently, this waste is disposed of into basic, unreliable red bags. When mishandled, these bags can become overfilled, deflated or tear open, releasing the infectious material, creating significant risks for anyone who knowingly or unknowingly comes in contact with this material.

Our Safe-Decon system is a revolutionary product that protects and ensures the safety of everyone surrounded by these hazards.

Our system offers a safer, cost-effective, alternative to red bags. Safe-Decon engineered a secure, air-tight, leak-proof container capable of isolating contaminants at the point of origin, ensuring secure containment during transport to an autoclave for processing. Once in the autoclave, our patented Safe-Decon system goes to work. Steam entering the autoclave causes the temperature and pressure to rise. At 250 Fahrenheit, our proprietary seals allow steam to penetrate the Safe-Decon container, creating a vortex killing all contaminants inside.

Unlike offsite incinerators releasing contaminants directly into the environment, our decontaminated waste can be disposed of as non-hazardous or recycled as required by local agencies.

Available in various sizes, Safe-Decon’s antimicrobial container can be reused over 170 times.

Our containers are FDA approved and exceed OSHA and CDC guidelines for workplace safety.

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