QGel – precision medicine

QGel – precision medicine

Oncology animation

Precision Medicine in cancer treatment uses patient’s genetic data to find the best treatment for the particular patient.

Unfortunately, only about 7% of cancer patients benefit from this genomic approach, partly due to a lack of druggable actionable targets but also because tumor biology is just too complex to be characterized by individual genetic mutations alone.

QGel takes an alternative approach to Precision Medicine.

Live, tumor-biopsy cells are grown in miniaturized environments of customized QGel formulations, designed to mimic the environment of the patient’s body.

This provides the unique opportunity to test many potential cancer drugs, and combinations of drugs, on the patient’s own living cancer cells, to observe which treatment best kills that patient’s cancer, before administering those drugs to the patient.

Groundbreaking studies published in 2018 have shown that this live-cell approach has been successful in identifying effective treatments a staggering 90% of the time.

QGel drug response reports, combined with available genomic data, provide cancer oncologists with a practical and novel toolset to better treat victims of this devastating disease.

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