Osivax – unviversal flu vaccine


2D/3D animation showing the mechanism of action of the potential breakthrough vaccine against flu, which, if proves successful, will produce long-lasting flu protection – a single shot could provide efficient protection for several years.



Osivax is a French biotech company developing vaccines for infectious diseases. Their main candidate is a universal flu vaccine, which is now in clinical trials.



The animation shows the immune mechanisms behind a viral infection and the mechanism of action of a flu vaccine. In order to visualize proteins, the binding, and the structure of the new vaccine well, we’ve decided to go for a simplified 3D style. 2D/3D animation style consists of 3D elements moving in a 2D space. This approach allows combining the benefits of 3D designs (detailed depiction of structures) with the simplicity of the message that 2D animations typically convey.

We’ve got rid of all the unnecessary noise such as 3D backgrounds and tried to make the animation feel sterile.



Current flu vaccines contain virus fragments or weakened viruses which do not cause an infection. Therefore, side effects are usually mild.

But is the flu vaccine effective? – It depends. The flu virus is different every season because the virus mutates quickly.  As current vaccines target the mutating part of the virus (the spike protein), they must be renewed every year. What’s more, they are effective in only about 40% of subjects, as they are developed based only on the predictions of how the virus is going to mutate each season.

OVX836 overcomes these problems by targeting the part of the virus which doesn’t mutate easily – the nucleoprotein, instead of the spike protein. The animation explains the mechanism of action of this vaccine and the resulting immune response.

A single vaccination with OVX836 could protect against the flu for several years, saving significant development and production cost and, what’s more, saving many lives.

Using the same technology, Osivax is also planning to develop a universal coronavirus vaccine as well – effective against all current and future coronavirus strains.

You can find more information on www.osivax.com


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