Nemis Technologies

Nemis: Animation Explaining Diagnostic Technology

NEMIS Technologies is a Swiss biotech company specializing in the rapid detection of pathogenic bacteria. The technology allows testing food and water for safety or diagnosing bacterial infections in humans and animals much faster than standard methods.

Our target was to explain the technology and its key benefits in a simple way – for potential investors, but also for the general public.

Nemis uses AquaSparkâ„¢, which we have presented in another animation, which can be seen here.


We have decided to use the 2D flat vector style, which has a friendly vibe and doesn’t require a lot of scientific detail. It’s perfect for videos for ‘laymen’, who don’t want to know too much about technical details and rather want to understand the big picture and what problems the technology solves.


In the food industry, hygiene checks are mandatory to ensure that no harmful bacteria such as Listeria or Salmonella can get into the food product.

However, tests for bacterial contamination are often done in external laboratories, so it can take days to obtain results.

Nemis is developing a range of diagnostic kits that deliver reliable and fast results in just one day.

As they are portable and safe, the diagnostic tests can be performed directly on-site by anyone. Production surfaces are wiped with a swab, that is placed into a tube and closed with a tightly sealing safety lid, minimizing contamination risk.

The tube is pre-filled with media that favor growth of the specific bacterium within just a few hours in the incubator provided. The inside of the lid contains a proprietary AquaSpark detection reagents. Pressing a button on the outside of the lid releases the reagents into the solution. If the specific bacterium is present, its enzymes modify the AquaSpark reagent molecules to generate a very bright, luminescent light reaction that can be measured by a high sensitivity luminometer.

Thanks to the unique technology platform, Nemis diagnostic solutions can be adapted to a wide range of pathogenic bacteria.


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