Mode of Action animation

Cardior Pharmaceuticals is a German biopharma company developing revolutionary treatments for one of the most serious medical conditions – heart failure (which is a frequent consequence of heart attack).

Our animation first explains the pathophysiology of heart failure and its health consequences for the patient. Then we introduce Cardior’s novel approach, which targets non-coding RNA. We explain visually the Mechanism of Action of the molecule, which modulates many of the disease’s pathways and, as a result, has the potential to reverse the disease.



2D flat vector style.



Even after intensive care treatment, about 20% of heart attack patients develop early heart failure, a life-threatening disease. These patients’ hearts cannot beat normally and get enlarged. Muscle cells start to grow and lose their power to beat. As a consequence, these patients feel weak and short of breath, they need frequent hospital visits and often die early.

The cause of heart failure is a very small non-coding RNA, a special piece of genetic information. Non-coding RNA affects and regulates many processes inside the beating cell. In patients suffering from heart failure, too much of a particular non-coding RNA accumulates, and blocks important signals in the cell.

Cardior has developed a new therapy approach that specifically targets non-coding RNAs. The Cardior technology uses a small, stable molecule that functions like a mirror of this particular non-coding RNA. The Cardior molecule binds and inactivates the non-coding RNA, regulating cellular signals that promote the normal growth and contractility of muscle tissue.

Model experiments have shown that thanks to this novel therapy, the heart can return to its normal size and regain its flexibility and pumping capacity. After just two rounds of treatment, patients can continue their normal lifestyle and live a long and healthy life.