Biovotec – wound healing

Biotech animation presenting solution for wounds

Biovotec is a Norwegian company developing solutions for chronic wounds.


The client wanted to show the biotechnology production process in a light, fun way, so we’ve approached this animation with a simplified flat-vector 2D style. Another benefit of this style is that it allows to show sensitive and unpleasant things like deep wounds in a way that doesn’t make viewers disgusted or scared. For these reasons, real-life video or 3D animation would not be appropriate.


Chronic wounds, such as diabetic or venous ulcers, are long-lasting wounds that are difficult to heal. A vicious cycle of tissue damage, inflammation, and increased enzyme production prevent skin regeneration.

Current advanced wound care products are costly and often not used due to increasing budget constraints.


Biovotec has developed a new, low-cost material for wound care: Purified eggshell-membrane protein (PEP). PEP is incorporated into a thin dissolvable film that can be easily applied directly to the wound. PEP breaks the vicious cycle of tissue damage, by inhibiting enzymes and promoting skin growth, accelerating the body’s natural healing.

The solution can improve patients’ lives significantly and at the same tme drastically reduce the costs of wound care.