Your risk

Your potential investors and trial patients do not understand your science! They are puzzled and confused.

A confused investor does not invest… A confused potential trial patient does not sign up for your trial…

And without investors and willing trial patients, your technology doesn’t have the chance it deserves to change.

Your targets

You must effectively communicate the science and benefits of your drug to “non-sciency” folks like investors and potential trial patients.

Making sure these audiences “get” what your technology does can mean the difference between success and failure.

You want them to understand how your science can change patients’ lives for the better.

Your problem

Patients, investors (even with life science know-how), journalists, and the public often don’t have the knowledge to fully understand your technology.

Many people are overloaded with information and rarely take the time to read and understand your information before their interest is sparked.

Your solution

An Animated Explainer Video From Life Science Animation Animation

A 2-minute Video Explains Your Technology Better Than 1.000.000 Words!

  • A video lets you explain the science and benefits in an easy to understand way.
  • Your video turns your complex scientific content into interesting and engaging media which is easily understandable.
  • Visual content reaches an individual’s brain in a faster and more understandable way than text alone.
  • Watching a video makes the hard-science so much easier to understand.
  • Plus, your video is easily shared on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and shown during sales pitches, public presentations, etc.

The success of your video

  • Investors, clients, and patients understand your drug and how it benefits your potential patients.
  • You will spark interest! Investors will know how their money helps you and your patients.
  • Your potential trial patients see how their participation in clinical trials benefits others.