Aurealis Pharma – cancer immunotherapy

Aurealis Pharma: immuno-oncology animation

3D animation showing the mechanism of action of the novel combination immunotherapy.

Aurealis Pharma is a Swiss biotech company. Their therapy uses safe lactic-acid bacteria to deliver therapeutic proteins directly to the tumor site, where they trigger the anti-cancer immune response.



With so many different immune cells interacting with each other, 3D style is a perfect choice. By using the depth of field, we could emphasize the vast immune response – the cells releasing cytokines in all directions and ‘calling’ other cells to the site.

We’ve put especially a lot of time into the style of this animation – focusing on textures, lightning, and detailed 3D models of the elements.




Modern gene and cell-based immuno-oncology therapies activate the patient’s immune system to recognize and kill tumor cells. However, these therapies have limited success, because of their manufacturing cost, and the difficulty to scale up. Also, most of them are insufficient as a monotherapy.


The AUP technology enables combination immunotherapy in a single product that is scalable at a low cost. It uses lactic acid bacteria similar to those found in food products but genetically modified with a piece of circular DNA that contains genetic information for multiple therapeutic proteins.


When AUP bacteria are administered to the tumor site, they start producing therapeutic proteins. These proteins activate specific immune cells in the tumor environment, most importantly macrophages and dendritic cells. They switch them from a dormant state to a cancer-fighting state. Activated macrophages and dendritic cells activate and support other cells of the immune system such as T cells and NK cells by producing pro-inflammatory cytokines, initiating an immune response against the tumor.

Also, once  AUP bacteria are eaten up by the activated macrophages and dendritic cells, they release the circular DNA to the inside of the immune cell. As a result, the immune cell produces the second set of therapeutic proteins –  immune-stimulating cytokines, or tumor-fighting antibodies, or even chimeric antigen receptors. Macrophages and dendritic cells (CAR-MDs) display them on their surface. This helps macrophages recognize and kill tumor cells, and present tumor antigens to T cells.


In contrast to CAR-T therapy, CAR-Macrophage-and-Dendritic cell therapy is considered to have superior efficacy in solid tumors.

Aurealis Pharma will apply the new technology to ovarian cancer, injecting the AUP bacteria into the abdomen to attack the tumor directly on site.


Learn more about the AUP platform:  Aurealis Pharma website

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