Powerpoint vs. animated video

Powerpoint vs. animated video

How to make sure your audience understands your science and enjoys your presentation?

Have you ever had to sit through a Powerpoint presentation where an expert from a biotech company explained what their company does?

explain science using presentation
Standard biotech presentation – long, hard to understand, boring

It took forever, it was boring, and from the look on your colleague’s face you could tell that she, just like you, did not get it. There was a bar graph, a pie chart, and a formula, along with fuzzy photos of dissected lab mice. Sounds familiar? But is there a way at all to make sure everyone was on the same page? To make a better first impression? To make everyone understand?

They say picture is worth a thousand words. If that is true, then an animation must be worth 1000 pictures! People who often give public talks and presentations know the trick – they start by showing an animated video that “breaks the ice”, promotes a discussion, and sparks interest.

how to explain science
Animated video – short, easy to digest and fun

Best way to explain science

Mode of action animation videos work magic — they employ the language of visual metaphor to explain complex concepts, and abstract environments. Science and medical animations often show something you can’t see — camera going inside the blood vessel and showing the drug entering the bloodstream? Easy!

People buy into your idea when they understand what you are trying to say. After all, today, with the current information overload, the audiences increasingly expect the information to be delivered in a concise, elegant, and easy to digest way.